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After School Program

Etobicoke Taekwondo 

Master Seo started his first Taekwondo training when he was the age of 9 in Busan, Korea and began to teach kids and adults when he was nineteen. His consistent practice and training were key to his knowledge in the sport following a high urge to teach and spread the wonders of the self-defence sport. he had taught Taekwondo while he was serving in Marin Corps, too.

The first thing master Seo teaches are mind set and discipline. It is important to have a strong mind and inner focus before controlling the body. With Master Seo’s lessons, students build confidence, willpower, and sociability.

Tae(Foot) Kwon(Fist) Do(The way)

Taekwondo is a Korea oriented Martial Art and it means the art of kicking. Although Taekwondo is a physical training, it is based on mental practice and self control.

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